changelog Changelog

2009-05-14 - Log_FirePHP 0.12.0 (stable) released

  • New features
    • Auto/Pre collapsing groups AND Custom group row colors (FirePHPCore 0.3 - Issue 80)
    • Thrown exceptions send an HTTP 500 if the FirePHP exception handler is enabled
    • You can chained with a previous error handler rather than replace it (default behavior)
    • You can convert E_WARNING, E_NOTICE, E_USER_ERROR, E_USER_WARNING, E_USER_NOTICE and E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR errors to ErrorException and send all Exceptions to Firebug automatically if desired.
  • Improvements / changes
    • used the new getOptions() public method in API (FirePHPCore 0.3 - Issue 66)
    • E_STRICT errors are logged in same way as E_NOTICE or E_USER_NOTICE
  • Bugfixes
    • none
  • Quality Assurance
    • new example script (firephp_advanced.php) that demonstrate all new features and changes
2009-03-11 - Log_FirePHP 0.11.0 (stable) released

  • Includes 2 examples with 4 screenshots.
  • As it is not yet embedded with PEAR::Log package, follow the quick start steps below:
    1. use only with Firefox 3.0+
    2. install Firebug extension (1.3+) from
    3. install FirePHP extension (0.2.1+) from
    4. install FirePHP Core Library (0.2.1+) from a dedicated channel
      pear channel-discover
      pear install firephp/FirePHPCore
    5. install PEAR::Log (1.11.3+) from PEAR default channel
      pear install log
    6. install PEAR::Log FirePHP driver as a static package on URI channel
      pear install